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Mitec Solutions – Meet Anthony

Meet THE Mitec Team!


Hello, I’m Anthony.


Born and raised just outside Boston, my legendary high school hockey skills are still the talk of the town back home. I moved out to California in 2004. I live in Ventura with my family, my dog, and my Corvette. I’ve been working in the IT industry almost 25 years now and got my start as an Apple Certified technician back East, and have been a huge Apple fan ever since! For the past year I’ve been balancing full time work while being held captive at home forced into becoming a stay-at-home-teacher for my kids and making sure they are semi paying attention to their Zoom classes while they are playing Xbox.

My likes are: Traveling with my wife, teaching & watching my kids grow up, making sales, cleaning my office, red wine, Patriots, Celtics, RedSox, bad 80’s music, and good 90’s music.

I dislike: Spiders, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple (it’s complicated), American Cars (except for my Corvette), and I especially despise cleaning my office.

In my free time you’ll find me hanging out in the backyard with the family, volunteering at church, or when I’m lucky and the kids are gone I get to go wine tasting with my wife.

Ask me anything else you want to know! – anthony@mitec.net

Mitec Solutions is proud of our diverse staff and each individuals unique experiences, interests, and skills that they bring to the table. Mitec does not endorse any specific cause, sports team, political party, religion, food, band or anything else, but we encourage our staff to be themselves and let the world know who they are and what they believe.  Our uniqueness is what makes us great.