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No Data Caps

Whether you’re online gaming or watching movies, we’ve got your back. Never worry about a surprise on your bill ever again.

Want to see fewer loading bars?

With our blazing fast speeds, you’ll be first in line for the next big viral hits.

Cable Companies Hate This One Simple Fact

With our wireless internet service, we are uniquely able to provide coverage in areas Big Cable can only dream of.


*Prices and speeds available depend on your location. Please contact us to see what’s available to you! Get Mitec Internet

Need different speeds? Located off the grid?

Mitec has you covered. We offer extended covereage areas and custom speeds!


Pricing is simple.


Residential – In select areas

Bronze – 25 Mbps x 3 Mbps: $39.99
Silver – 50 Mbps x 15 Mbps: $49.99
Gold – 75 Mbps x 25 Mbps: $59.99

Residential legacy Plans

Bronze – 3 Mbps x 1 Mbps – $39.99
Silver – 6 Mbps x 1 Mbps – $49.99
Gold – 10 Mbps x 1.5 Mbps – $59.99

Residential rural

10 x 3 Mbps – $69.99
15 x 5 Mbps – $99.99
20 x 5 Mbps – $149.99
30 x 10 Mbps – $199.99


Privacy Focused

We won’t snoop on you or sell your data

No installation fee

When you sign up for a 3 year service agreement, otherwise it’s only $149 if you’d like to be contract free. Offer applies to most locations.