Internet – Residential Cable

Internet - Residential Cable

  • Term Agreement

  • Cable Modem / Router Installations: $109.00
    (Cable Modem / Router rental is included with service but must be returned upon service disconnect or a $199 fee will be applied)
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  • Terms and Conditions

  • By requesting services from Mitec Solutions, LLC (hereafter “Mitec Solutions”), I agree to the following terms and conditions (the “Agreement”):

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  • Current Rates
    • Remote labor is billed at $95/hr with a 30 minute minimum charge.
    • In store labor is billed at $75/hr with a 1 hour minimum charge.
    • On site labor is billed at $120/hr with a 1 hour minimum charge.
    • Emergency Rates for regular business hours are $149/hr with a 1 hour minimum charge.
    • Mitec Solutions labor rates listed above are for regular business hours only, and are subject to change without notice and updated rates are available to view at
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  • Release of Liability

    By initiating a service call, (in-store, on-site, over the phone, or remotely), including all future service, support, or repair, I acknowledge that support services provided by Mitec solutions may result in the malfunction of certain programs or functions of my personal computer, servers, business machines, networking equipment, smart (or internet connected) devices, peripherals, or any other device or object and that this may occur through no fault of Mitec Solutions. Knowing and understanding the risk of accepting the support services of personnel of Mitec Solutions I affirmatively forever release and hold harmless Mitec Solutions, it's owners, employees, contractors, and vendors against any loss, liability, or damage that I or the owner or lessee may suffer including, but not limited to, the loss of any data, virus infection, security breach, or the non-functioning of any component or element of my computer equipment, network equipment, device, or peripherals regardless of any warranties, disclaimers and waivers. Furthermore, I agree in advance to release, waiver, forever discharge, and covenant not to sue Mitec Solutions, any of it's employees, officers, or agents from and against any and all liability for any harm, injury, damage, claims, demands, actions, causes of action, costs, and expenses of any nature that may result from support services performed by Mitec, including any and all liability for any harm, injury, damage, claims, demands, actions, causes of action, costs, and expenses of any nature that may result from negligence by Mitec.
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  • Attorney Fees, Governing Law, and Jurisdiction.

    In any litigation, arbitration, or other proceeding by which one party either seeks to enforce its rights under this Agreement (whether in contract, tort, or both) or seeks a declaration of any rights or obligations under this Agreement, the prevailing party will be awarded reasonable attorney fees, together with any costs and expenses, to resolve the dispute and to enforce the final judgment.

    This Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California without regard to its conflict of laws principles. The parties agree that the jurisdiction and venue of any action brought pursuant to this Agreement properly lies in the state or federal courts located in County of Ventura, State of California. Customer hereby irrevocably submits himself, herself, or it to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the State of California, Ventura County and the jurisdiction of the United States District Court for the Central District of California for the purpose of any suit, action or other proceeding arising out of or related to this Agreement. Independent Customer hereby waives and expressly agrees not to assert, in any way, any claim or allegation that it is not personally subject to the jurisdiction of the courts named above. Customer further agrees to waive any claim or allegation that the suit, action, or proceeding is either brought in an inconvenient forum or that the related venue is improper.
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  • Billable Labor and Warranty

    All labor, including drive time, research, phone support, Email support, technical support and all other time spent on client’s behalf for any reason is billable at our applicable current hourly rates. Estimates are not guarantees and are subject to change due to additional issues discovered during troubleshooting or installation. Not all issues will be resolved during the first attempt and additional follow-up labor may be required and will be billed accordingly. Mitec Solutions does not guarantee the compatibility of any software or hardware and additional labor will be charged to troubleshoot and/or resolve conflicts and other technical issues as they arise.

    On-Site labor comes with no warranty. Remote labor comes with no warranty. In-Store labor comes with a 7- day warranty. Hardware purchased from Mitec Solutions comes with a 30-day warranty, unless otherwise stated on applicable invoice. Mitec Solutions can assist with manufacturer warranty repair or replacement on client’s behalf and charge our normal hourly rate plus shipping costs.
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  • Term of Agreement

    This agreement, including all rates, rate increases, terms, and release of liability is ongoing forever and applies to any and all future labor requests including in-store, on-site, over the phone, emergency or remote.
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  • WiFi and Internet Speed and Fair Usage Guidelines
    All advertised speeds are “Up To" speeds when connected directly to modem/router via a hardwired Ethernet cable. Due to WiFi anomalies, such as radio interference, building construction, size of building, device limitations, and other variables WiFi speeds may not achieve the maximum bit rate. A standard WiFi router at cover approx 1200 Sq. Ft. but is not guaranteed. WiFi is considered a luxury; any critical device should be hard-wired to the router for the most reliable service possible. Additional equipment may be required to resolve WiFi issues and is billed at our applicable rate. The Internet service is a best-effort service, meaning speeds are not guaranteed and may fluctuate due to network congestion during peak usage. Mitec will make all possible efforts to ensure speeds are consistent and will perform upgrades as necessary to maintain a high level of quality. Mitec reserves the right to limit or block network traffic which is negatively impacting the speed of the network, including but not limited to, blocking/limiting illegal websites, torrents, or other file-sharing networks used to share illegal content, or otherwise degrading the quality of service. All network priority will be given to websites, video streaming services, VOIP services, and other "normal" Internet traffic as determined by Mitec. "Abnormal" Internet traffic may be limited at any time at the discretion of Mitec if it is determined detrimental to the quality of the service.
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  • Landlord Permission Form
  • Max. file size: 200 MB.
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  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.