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Mitec Internet – Pre Install phone call

The purpose of this call is to go over important details with the customer.  Go over these points and make sure they understand.   If they seem confused, don’t continue until they are not confused. Please go through the checklist and check every detail as you go through it, and fill out any necessary field.  The completed form will be Emailed to the customer, so they will have a written record of everything discussed.


Scope of Internet Installation:

1 – Install a Dish on the roof aimed at our nearest antenna.  The dish requires line of site. We do not know exactly where it will be placed until the installer is onsite and testing various possible locations.

2 – We will not drill into the roof, and will use a non-penetrating roof mount, or attach to an existing vertical ventilation pipe. If there are no mounting points or a non-penetration roof mount is not practical, we will mount a J-Arm to a vertical wall, or attach to a cinder block placed on the roof.

3 – We will bring a cable from the roof into the network router location.  We will bring the cable in via an existing hole, conduit, vent.  We can often use the same route a previous utility company used.  We cannot re-use an existing cable.  We will not drill into the roof

4 – We will bring the incoming connection to a single point of entry.

5 – We will physically connect the cable to a router provided by Mitec.

6 – If Mitec is using a customer-supplied router — Customer should have their IT provider plug in the new connection, reconfigure it. If customer does not have an IT provider, or choses not to have IT provider connect, Mitec can configure a basic router, but BE ADVISED:

Anytime an Internet connection is changed there can be unintended consequences.  Possible consequences include, but are not limited to:

Service that rely on a public IP address will stop functioning; such as VPN, Remote Desktop, Cameras, and other services. It is important to have your IT vendor available to resolve any issues that arise as a result of changing Internet circuits.  Mitec has network administrators available at our regular rate to configure any devices or services that may need adjustment.

7 – Mitec makes no guarantees whatsoever for non-Mitec supplied routers or network equipment.