Service Release of Liability

Service Release of Liability

  • Mitec Solutions Service Terms and Conditions

    By requesting service from Mitec Solutions I agree to the following terms and conditions:


    Remote labor is billed at $95/hr with a 15 minute minimum charge.
    Service Bench labor is billed at $75/hr with a 1 hour minimum charge.
    In store labor is billed at $95/hr with a 1 hour minimum charge.
    On site labor is billed at $95/hr (Level 1) and $120/hr (Level 2) with a 1 hour minimum charge.

    Mitec labor rates listed above are for regular business hours only, and are subject to change without notice and available to view at

    Ongoing Release of Liability

    By initiating a service call, in-store, on-site, over the phone, or remotely, including all future service, support, or repair, I acknowledge that support services provided by Mitec Solutions may result in malfunction of certain programs or functions of my personal computer, networking equipment, tablet, smartphone, peripherals, or any other device, and that this may occur through no fault of Mitec Solutions. Knowing and understanding the risk of accepting the support services of personnel of Mitec Solutions I affirmatively forever release and hold harmless Mitec Solutions, its owners, employees and vendors against any loss, liability, or damage that I or the owner or lessee may suffer including, but not limited to, any loss of any data, virus infection, security breach, or the non-functioning of any component or element of my computer equipment, network equipment, or peripherals regardless of any warranties, disclaimers and waivers. Furthermore I agree in advance to release, waiver, forever discharge, and covenant not to sue Mitec Solutions, any of its employees, officers, or agents from and against any and all liability for any harm, injury, damage, claims demands, actions, causes of action, costs, and expenses of any nature that may result from support services I accept for my personal computer or other I.T. service. In any legal dispute the non-prevailing party shall pay all fees, including court and attorney fees, and all other fees, of the prevailing party.

    Warranty and Payment Terms

    In event issues cannot be resolved remotely, further labor for additional troubleshooting will be charged at our standard in-store or on-site rate. Drive time applies to all on-site service requests billed at our hourly rate.

    I agree to pay any open balance within 15 days of receiving an invoice. Any unpaid balance will be charged a 1.5% finance fee every 30 days.

    Remote labor and onsite labor comes with no warranty. In-store labor comes with a 7 day warranty. Hardware purchases come with with a 30 day warranty. Software cannot be returned for any reason.

    Client Acknowledgement

    This agreement is ongoing forever and applies to any and all future labor requests including in-store, on-site, or remotely.

    I accept all terms, conditions, release of liability and understand that all future service requests will be governed by this agreement, and understand that rates may change without notice
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