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Ventura CA, 93001
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Billable Labor and Warranty

Billable Labor and Warranty All labor, including drive time, research, phone support, Email support, technical support and all other time spent on client’s behalf for any reason is billable at our applicable current hourly rates. Estimates are not guarantees and are subject to change due to additional issues discovered during troubleshooting or installation. Not all […]

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Release of Liability

Release of Liability By initiating a service call, (in-store, on-site, over the phone, or remotely), including all future service, support, or repair, I acknowledge that support services provided by Mitec solutions may result in the malfunction of certain programs or functions of my personal computer, servers, business machines, networking equipment, smart (or internet connected) devices, […]

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Current Rates

Current Rates Remote labor is billed at $95/hr with a 30 minute minimum charge. In store labor is billed at $75/hr with a 1 hour minimum charge. On site labor is billed at $95/hr to $120/hr with a 1 hour minimum charge. Emergency Rates for regular business hours are $149/hr with a 1 hour minimum […]

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