Mitec Managed Wifi

Did you know 99% of Internet Problems are actually WiFi Problems?


Mitec’s Managed WiFi Eliminates the most common problems WiFi problems to give you a Better Internet Experience.

For only $15 per month: WiFi coverage for up to 3,500 sq. ft. No more slow spots! No more deadzones! Less headaches! More productivity!

Q: How many square feet will the WiFi cover?
A: 3,500 square feet coverage is included.

Q: What if I need more than 3,500 square feet covered?
A: Additional coverage can be provided by installing repeaters for +$5 per month per 500 square feet.

Q: Can WiFi service be provided outdoors?
A: These are for indoor use only; outdoor WiFi coverage is not guaranteed. A custom solution may be required for outdoor coverage.

Q: I have multiple buildings, can I use this to get Internet throughout the property?
A: These are only intended to be used in a single building. We do not recommend using these to connect multiple buildings, and service will not be guaranteed. Coverage in additional buildings requires a custom solution.

Q: Are these for multi-unit buildings such as duplexes?
A: No, these are only for a single dwelling and not to be used amongst multiple addresses or tenants.

Q: Do you guarantee these will work in my home?
A: These will work for 99% of clients. However, due to the nature of WiFi, there are some situations in which these may not be sufficient.

Possible situations where they will not work adequately:

∙  Client Equipment requires 2.4 Ghz WiFi, and there is high interference in the 2.4 Ghz, such as dense apartment complexes.
∙  House construction is causing WiFi reflections (metal inside walls, large mirrors, marble floors, etc) which will severely degrade the performance.
∙  Appliances or other devices (ceiling fans, microwaves, baby monitors, etc) are creating WiFi interference.
∙  Neighborhood has high interference.

If you are experiencing any issues caused by interference, as described above, we can recommend alternative solutions (which may included running Ethernet cable) and cancel the managed WiFi subscription if they prove unreliable in your situation.


What is non billable?

The initial installation is free, and we will ensure there is a strong signal, <80db, throughout the home.
We will replace any broken WiFi access point for free.
These will be setup in repeater modes for free.

What is billable?

If Walls are too-thick for repeaters to be used correctly, we will need to hardwire these.  Hardwiring is not included and is billed seperately.
Any troubleshooting of devices that will not connect to the WiFi.  An example may be a printer that will not connect, even though it has decent WiFi signal.